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Monthly facials provide a deeper clean than regular cleansing. They jump-start cell turnover encourgagin growth of healthy new cells allowing out premiere Yon-Ka products to penetrate better. What better way to reduce stress & keep that youthful glow?
Monthly massages reduce stress & increase productivity in everything you do. Therapeutic relief for people of all ages & walks
of life using a non-invasive, drug-free alternative like massage will promotethe innate ability of the body to heal itself. Monthly massages are not just a treat, they are the pathway to better all-around well-being.
Taking time to take care of your health is frequently overlooked given the stress of everyday life. An hour or two at Yardley Day Spa each month will decrease your stress & improve your health. You'll look better, feel better & be more productive.

The Premiere: 50 minute Sweedish massage, Le Grand Classic facial, gel manicure with complimentary paraffin & pedicure.

The Classic: 50 minute Swedish massage or Le Grand Classic facial plus gel manicure with complimentary paraffin & pedicure.

The Combination: Series of 6 Le Grand Classic facials or 50 minute Swedish massages, or any combination of the two.

The Facial: Series of 4 Le Grand Classic facials at a 15% discount. If you add microdermabrasion to the series, you'll recieve 1 at no cost.

The Massage: Monthly 50 minute Swedish massages for one year. Free deep Tissue upgrade for each.

Sunless Tanning Parties
A sunless tanning party is the perfect idea for: Bachelorette parties, Weddings, Showers, Girls Nights, Birthdays, Holidays, Proms.

Are you hosting a party? You can tan for free. Here’s how:

  • Full Body: If your party has 6 or more guests, the hostess tans for free
  • Upper Body (face/neck/shoulders/arms): If your party has 6 or more guests, the hostess tans for free

(We recommend sunless tanning 24 to 48 hours before your event.)

Sunless Tanning Packages:
All packages expire 1 year after purchase
1 session
2 sessions
5 sessions

Sunless Tanning Memberships*
Up to 4 sessions per month

*Memberships do not roll over

Do you belong to or coach a Cheer Squad or Dance Team? Schedule a consultation with Sherry to discuss how we can work with you & your team to keep you glowing all year round – or for major events.

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