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There are over eighty recognized massage therapy techniques, known as modalities; some
are more popular than others. The most popular massages focus on the muscles. Swedish massage is for those primarily looking for relaxation, compared with Deep Tissue massage, which involves circular movements, kneading, & gliding as a way to promote healing and physical relaxation.

Deep tissue massage is a close relative of the Swedish massage providing pressure deep in
the body, not necessarily hard pressure. The use of deep tissue massage has long been used to provide the best functional outcomes for those who are physically active.

We offer some of the most common modalities practiced by licensed massage therapists with
a number of targeted area modalities as well as therapeutic add-ons.

Swedish Massage- This massage offers the primary benefit of relaxation using long, gliding strokes to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation & break down minor scar tissue. Swedish massage can be performed at light, medium or firm pressure.

Deep Tissue- This massage is used in conjunction with Swedish strokes when there is tension or injury in the deepest layers
of muscle. Deep tissue strokes slowly penetrate & soften the superficial tissue, allowing the therapist to get into underlying muscles to get to the site of tension or injury. Deep tissue can
be performed at light, medium or firm pressure.

Reflexology- Reflexology is a therapeutic modality which promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body
& encouraging blood flow. The technique can be performed
on the feet, hands, & ears, helps to ease pain & discomfort, as well as giving overall relaxation.

Prenatal Massage- Massage can be received during the second & third trimester of pregnancy. Prenatal massage can offer reduced stress, relief of common complaints such as low back
& leg pain as well as improved sleep through relaxation. Please consult your physician prior to your appointment & discuss with our massage professional.

Targeted Areas: choose a specific area you want massaged.

Lunch Break Massage: Our Swedish massage in half the time. Come in on your lunch hour, between other appointments,
or right after work for a quick fix.

Want something even more special? Choose a Signature Massage to enjoy your perfect massage experience.

Yon-Ka Pampering Package
Enjoy some pampering literally from head to toe. This relaxing massage will help reduce stress & increase relaxation improving your overall health & sleep. This package includes:
~ Swedish Massage
~ Aromatherapy
~ Cold Stone Face Massage
~ Hot Stone Foot Massage

The Total Decadence Package
Feel like a king or queen with this all-inclusive massage package. Each element is customized to give you all the possible benefits of massage in one session. This package includes:
~ Swedish Massage
~ Aromatherapy 
~ Hot Stone Massage
~ Reflexology
~ Dry Brushing

Choose 1 of 2 Sinus Soothing Massages

Cold Stone Face Massage- Cold constricts the blood vessels in the body which alleviates swelling. The cold temperatures in the stones reduce nasal swelling & sinus inflammation for allergy sufferers. Aside from sinus tension relief, cold Stone therapy is helpful for TMJ, tired eyes, headaches, tension around the eyes and mouth, overactive mind, skin irritation, fatigue, & stress.

Hot and Cold Face Massage- Refresh your senses. Hot towels are placed on the face to stimulate circulation & then cold stones are used to reduce inflammation. Lavender essential oil is added to help relieve your stress. An excellent treatment for sinus, headache & TMJ problems.

Looking for some extra pampering? Melt away your tension. Choose one of the following to add to your massage experience:

Hot Stones- Want some extra warmth to relax? Then a hot stone massage is the choice for you. Hot basalt stones are used during the Swedish massage to give warmth & added relaxation to tired & tense muscles.

Himalayan Salt Stones- Historically, people visited salt caves to enhance breathing, improve skin health and to reduce stress. Himalayan salt stones help balance the ion ratio in the body to reduce inflammation. More than 80 trace minerals are absorbed by your body during a hot Himalayan Stone massage, helping to replenish minerals. The natural antimicrobial properties of the salt stones help detoxify and nourish your skin and body.

Aromatherapy- Essential oils added to the massage can offer significant additional benefits for those days when you need a little more pampering. Choose from our Signature Line or speak to your therapist about a custom scent to fit your needs.

We offer four exceptional massage experience for one low price:
Coconut body butter to brighten, moisturize & help skin feel supple & hydrated.

Lemongrass oil to soothe & saturaged parched skin, with antiseptic & astringent properties.

Lavender oil to soothe & saturate with anti-inflammatory properties, helping ot reduce redness, blotches & scarring.

Pomegranate oil to soothe & saturate with anit-inflammatory
& anti-again properties, fending off free radicals.

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